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Tiago Natal da Luz

Academic degrees: Graduation in Biology, Master in Ecology and PhD in Biology, field of Ecology by the Science and Technology Faculty, University of Coimbra (in cooperation with the Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Professional experience:
Since 2001, has conducted research work in the field of soil ecotoxicology, promoting the development and standardization of laboratory tests with soil invertebrates as a tool to evaluate the toxicity of industrial residues and soil contaminants (e.g. metals and plant protection products; PPPs) and to support the ecological risk assessment of contaminated sites. At the same time, has provided services to companies that include environmental impact assessments (with a higher focus on the entomological component) and evaluation of the effect of PPPs at soil community level (through the assessment of biodiversity and functional parameters). Has participated in research projects (with funding from national and international entities) related to the improvement of industrial wastes to allow its use in agricultural soils as organic amendments (supporting circular economy), validation and development of mesocosms for ecological risk assessment in the application of PPPs in temperate and tropical soils, and toxicity assessment of emerging soil compounds (e.g. nanomaterials). Since 2018, is member of the technical committees of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) SC4/WG2 (Effects on soil fauna) and SC4/WG5 (Ecotoxicological aspects).

José Paulo Sousa

Academic degrees: Graduation in Biology, Master in Ecology and PhD in Ecology by Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra (in cooperation with the Free University Berlin, Germany)

Professional experience:
Associate Professor in the Department of Life Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra and member of the Executive Council of the Center for Functional Ecology - UC. Coordinates the CFE-UC Laboratory of Soil Ecology and Ecotoxicology where, since 2003, has conducted applied research (with national, European and Latin American funding) in the area of soil quality assessment using biological indicators and in the areas of both prospective risk assessment (related to the registration of plant protection products and their introduction in the market) and retrospective risk assessment in contaminated sites (essentially for recovery of degraded areas). He is responsible for providing services in these areas to clients such as THE NAVIGATOR COMPANY, ALTRI FORESTRY, SHELL and UBA (German Federal Environmental Agency). Since 2007 has been an external expert of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) working on the development of scientific opinions and guidance documents used by different EU Member States in the risk assessment of Plant Protection Products (between 2009 and 2015 was a member of the EFSA PPR Panel). In 2013 was a consultant to PETROBRAS (Brazil) on the risk assessment of oil exploration areas in the Amazon region and to CETESB (São Paulo State Environmental Company, Brazil) and FEAM (State Environmental Foundation, Minas Gerais, Brazil), for the development of risk assessment schemes in contaminated sites. Since 2014, has leaded the Consulting Panel on Plant Health and GMOs at ASAE (Food Safety Authority in Portugal).  

Álvaro Nunes de Sousa

Academic degrees: Graduation in Industrial Chemistry by the Science and Technology Faculty, University of Coimbra 

Professional experience:
Working in the Environment sector since 1990, Álvaro Nunes de Sousa has been coupling and coordinating distinct disciplines such as analytical and reaction chemistry, acoustics, microbiology, molecular biology, sampling programmes’ design, hydrodynamic modelling of contaminant transport and reaction. Álvaro has an extensive experience in contaminated site studies, integrated water resources management programmes, environmental monitoring programmes and networks, human and environmental risk assessment, and in the design of water treatment and wastewater treatment processes, waste gasses and environmental remediation processes. As an entrepreneur, he started his activity in 1994, and since there he has acquired relevant international experience and participated in several R&D projects.

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