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Ready-to-use synchronized Earthworms

The earthworm reproduction test is the most used soil ecotoxicological test when assessing the habitat function of soil. This test is required for pesticide authorization in the EU and it is advised when assessing risk for many other substances and of contaminated sites. This test should follow the procedures described in the standard protocols OECD 222 or ISO 11268-2. According to these guidelines, the earthworms of the species Eisenia andrei (one of the species that may be used as test organisms), must be mature (with a well-developed clitellum) and taken from a homogeneous population regarding age, size and mass. This means that the worms should be selected from a synchronized culture with a homogeneous age structure. However, to have organisms ready to be used in a test takes usually several months through a laborious culturing done by experienced technicians. CloverStrategy can provide ready-to-use synchronized cultures of Eisenia andrei of different age classes, following all the requirements established by standard guidelines. The species of CLOVER Worms are certified through barcoding and their quality is checked twice a year by assessing their reproductive performance via “positive control tests” using a recommended reference substance.   

So, if you need to perform earthworm tests, CLOVER Worms are healthy and ready-to-use guarantying the success of the test. From now on carrying out lab earthworm tests will be much easier.


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