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CloverStrategy Lda is a company resulting from the synergy between researchers from the Centre for Functional Ecology (CFE) of the University of Coimbra (UC) and Álvaro Sousa, an experienced industrial chemist who has worked in the environmental sector since 1990. With such backgrounds, CloverStrategy combines the experience resulting from applied research in the area of soil quality assessment (using biological indicators) and in the areas of prospective risk assessment (addressed to the registration of Plant Protection Products and its implementation in the market) and retrospective risk assessment in contaminated sites (mainly focused on the definition of recovery actions of degraded areas) developed in CFE-UC with decades of experience in the market of the Environment sector in the provision of services from the areas of planning and management, evaluation, monitoring, modelling and definition of intervention processes, aiming at the Quality of Atmosphere, Soils, Water, Biota and Human Health.


CloverStrategy Lda has the ambition of becoming a company with strong implementation in the National, Iberian and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) markets, in the areas of Integrated Management and Environmental Consulting, with higher incidence in the area of Natural Resources and Retrospective Risk Assessment and recovery of degraded areas. The company also aims to gain visibility and establish its position in the European market related to the Prospective Risk Assessment of pesticides (i.e. Plant Protection Products and Biocides) and different types of wastes, contributing to the stimulation of Circular Economy processes.


CloverStrategy Lda’s mission is to provide to its customers integrated assessment and/or monitoring services, combining technologies of analytical monitoring and management information with biological monitoring on its several components, in order to apply the principles of sustainability in industrial activities, agricultural management, forestry, and management of territory planning. These principles are currently a requirement in different national and European regulations of several sectors, promoting the sustainability of different business management activities (senso lato) and helping to prevent unnecessary risks and potentially irreversible damages to Human health and the environment.


The activity of CloverStrategy Lda is based on full compliance with the commitments assumed in an atmosphere of mutual trust between the company and the Customer. The company has a dynamic of continuous improvement of methods and procedures, aiming to increase the efficiency and quality of the services or products provided to the Customer. On creativity and innovation we look to find the best solutions for each Client.

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