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In addition to several environmental monitoring services that are being provided to several companies in mainland Portugal and islands, CloverStrategy is involved in international projects and business incentive programs.

National projects

    · ERASE (Estarreja) – Mobility and phase-transfer of main soil and groundwater contaminants, by simulation in mesocosms and field lysimeters, to sub sequential finite element modelling and human risk assessment, as part of the preliminary studies for the project of soil remediation of Vala de S. Filipe.

    · Ambiente LLC - Environmental due diligences (on multiple sites)

International projects

    · MetaSol – Biodiversity of soil invertebrate communities, funded by the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA)

    · UNCERTAIN - Risk assessment of Plant Protection Products funded by the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA)

    · H2020 WOOL2LOOP - Circular economy (human health risk assessment from industrial processes for conversion of construction and demolition waste to new ceramic or concrete-type products).

Business Incentive Programs

    · Vale Incubação

    · SI2Es

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