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Lista de ensaios laboratoriais padronizados:

Aquatic primary producers:
Freshwater algae and cyanobacteria, growth inhibition test:
Green algae: Desmodesmus subspicatus and Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata
Blue Green algae: Anabaena flos-aquae
Diatoms: Navicula pelliculosa
OECD 201, ISO 8692, DIN 38412-L33
Seawater/estuaries micro-algae: 
Phaeodactylum tricornutum, 72h growth inhibition testISO 8692, OECD 201
Higher aquatic plants:
Lemna sp., growth inhibition testOECD 221, ISO 20079
Spirodela polyrhiza, 3 days growth inhibition testISO 20227
Aquatic invertebrates
Daphnia magna, acute immobilisation testOECD 202, ISO 6341, DIN 38412-L30
Daphnia magna, reproduction testOECD 211, ISO 10706
Chironomus sp., acute immobilisation testOECD 235
Thamnocephalus platyurus, 24h mortality testISO 14280
Ceriadaphnia dubia, 24h mortality testUSEPA method
Artemia franciscana, 24h mortality testStandard method
Heterocypris incongruens, 6 days mortality and growth inhiition testISO 14371
Thamnocephalus platyurus, 30-60 min particle ingestion inhibition testISO 14380
Brachionus calyciflorus, 24h mortality testISO 19827
Brachionus calyciflorus, 48h reproduction inhibition testISO 20666
Brachionus plicatilis, 24-48h mortality testISO 19820
Tetrahymena thermophila, 24h reproduction inhibition testOECD method
Vibrio fischery, 30 min luminescence inhibition testStandard method
Terrestrial plants
Seedling emergence and seedling growth testOECD 208
Vegetative vigour testOECD 227
Measurement of the inhibition of root growthISO 11269-1
Chronic toxicity in higher plantsISO 22030
Terrestrial invertebrates
Earthworm acute toxicity testOECD 207, ISO 11268-1
Earthworm reproduction testOECD 222, ISO 11268-2
Earthworm avoidance testISO 17512-1
Enchytraeid reproduction testOECD 220, ISO 16387
Collembolan reproduction testOECD 232, ISO 11267
Collembolan avoidance testISO 17512-2
Predatory mite reproduction testOECD 226
Soil arthropod community testChelinho et al. 2014
Bioaccumulation in terrestrial oligochaetesOECD 317
Terrestrial field and semi-field tests 
Terrestrial Model Ecosystems (TMEs)Schäffer et al. 2009
Determination of effects on earthworms in field situationsISO 11268-3
Breakdown of organic matter in litter bags in the fieldOECD GD 56
Field studies with other soil invertebrates (enchytraeids, mites, collembolans and nematodes)ISO 11268-3, ISO 23611-2, ISO 23611-3, ISO 23611-4, ISO 23611-6
Bait lamina tests to assess feeding activity of soil organismsISO 18311
Acute oral toxicity test with honeybees (Apis mellifera): effects on adult workersOECD 213
Acute contact toxicity test with honeybees (Apis mellifera): effects on adult workersOECD 214
Chronic oral toxicity test (10-day feeding) with honeybees (Apis melifera): effects recently emerged beesOECD 245
Acute oral toxicity test with honeybees (Apis mellifera): effects on larvae after single exposureOECD 237
Chronic oral toxicity test with honeybee (Apis mellifera): effects on larvae after repeated exposureOECD 239

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