Avaliação de risco ambiental_1

Environmental risk assessment
(prospective and retrospective)

Consultancy and laboratory and field assessment services in accordance with the legal requirements of the Environmental Risk Analysis process.

Services are provided to assess the nature and likelihood of adverse effects on human health due to exposure to disturbed environments or processes related to industrial production.

Avaliação de risco para a saúde humana
Monitorização ambiental_1

Environmental monitoring services aimed at controlling the quality of water, air and soil through the systematic collection of samples and their characterization through chemical, physical, biological and microbiological tests and trials.

Monitoring services based on the use of community characterization tools over time in order to identify changes and/or fluctuations in communities.

Monitorização biológica_1
Avaliação de impacto ambiental

Consultancy services and identification of the future consequences of certain activities on the environment (e.g. implementation of wind farms, dams, industrial activities potentially impacting on the environment).